II AEICBAS Biomedical Congress

After the 1st Edition, the Students’ Association from the Abel Salazar Institute for Biomedical Sciences is preparing the 2nd taking place in April 2014 (24,25 and 26).

For those of you who don’t know, the AEICBAS Biomedical Congress had its 1st edition in April 2013, hoping to revive the ideals that created our Faculty. The Multidisciplinary philosophy that is so characteristic of our institute, also associated with Professor Nuno Grande, became a challange in 2013. A challange that we, as a Students’ Union, proudly faced.

With this amazing project, we aim to, on one hand, expose and discuss the similarities between the different courses taught at our faculty, emphasizing that there are areas of knowledge that overlap and compliment each other, through our different programs. On the other hand, society is becoming more and more demanding, choosing well prepared students, that are capable of seing beyond what they were taught through their years in a University – by joining forces, exchanging knowledge and experience, we can prepare each and every one of us, students of the life sciences, for this ever growing world.

By redesigning and reimagining the concept we want to be able to reach every student of the five courses taught at our faculty: Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Aquatic Sciences, Biochemistry and Bioengeneering.

We believe that Science is, with a doubt, what can promote the proximity we aim to achieve – by designing the multidisciplinary mornings, we can grapple this idea, teaching our peers about the benefits of exchanging knowledge and resources.

Nonetheless, because each program has its own intricacies, we also organize afternoons, sprecific for each one, that include practical sessions and lectures.